New Broad Blade made of softer foam

We are adding a new type of blade with softer foam to our range!
We would like to expand the accessibility of our larp blades to a wider spectrum of scenes.
We know that in some countries (for example Poland🇵🇱) or at specific events the relative hardness of our own durable PUR foam blades can be a problem.
So we have been looking for an alternative solution to offer our swords to other customers as well.

To this end, we decided to work with another manufacturer of foam larp weapons. The result is this, our first type of new blade, which you can now order with our hilts. You get a weapon that combines our authentic balanced sword and a safe softer foam blade.
The new type of foam is slightly less durable, but we have put it through rigorous testing over the last three months and it certainly meets our durability requirements. This blade, like our other blades, has a Kevlar tip reinforcement.
In addition to being softer, the overall weight of the blade has been reduced from 300g to 250g.
The blade is available in a maximum length of 80 cm and can be shortened to any length. It is offered in two metallic colours - silver and graphite.
The blade is manufactured with a round 10mm fibreglass core only.
It is also suitable for our scabbards up to a blade length of 75 cm.🗡
For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us!
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