Hanger – one-handed sword

Our new one-handed sword „hanger“ is strongly inspired by the finds from Wakefield, England, where a battle took place in 1460.


We have slightly modified the hilt shape and decided to add a wooden grip in a messer sword style. The complex hilt (Elmslie-Oakeshott Expanded Style 14a,b) consists of a beaked pommel, a flat-sectioned knuckle-guard which widens towards its rounded end and a short counter guard which is set at right side of the guard. The hand (both when used in the right or left) is therefore very well protected and the short grip results in a very tight, locking grip position.

The whole sword is 83cm long with 70cm langmesser blade and weighs 520g. You can choose one of our other blades to be mounted with this grip, for instance the Cleaver blade. You can also pick the metal coloration and the type of fiberglass core. This is an excellent weapon for any common soldier, archer or even an orc warrior!

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