New scabbards for sabres!

We are now offering curved scabbards for our sabres!

The scabbard consists of a durable plastic core that is covered with high quality cowhide leather. It is available for the Sabre and Yelman blades and fits every sabre hilt type we offer.

The shape of the mouth and the shape of the scabbard are always adjusted to fit the sabre ordered with it, as well as its overall length.

The scabbard attaches to the belt with adjustable leather straps with loops that are connected to the scabbard with brass or steel fittings. The loops on the straps can fit any belt, up to a maximum width of 3cm.

We offer the scabbards in three types. When ordering, you can choose the colour of the leather, the type of chape and the brass or steel fittings.

Larp scabbard

We have also designed a new Sabre belt featuring a carabiner clip to which the scabbard can be attached to make it more stable when wearing. You can buy the Sabre belt with the scabbard, but we also offer it as a separate product.

Scabbards can only be ordered together with their sabre. We do not sell them separately.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas. You can order here

Larp scabbard

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