New Shashka sabre!

We are adding a new model to our range of LARP foam sabres, the Caucasian Shashka.
Our shashka is inspired by ornate sabres from the 17th and 18th centuries.
These swords came to the Caucasus from Persia and Turkey and gradually became very popular among the Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks.
The distinctive features of the shashka are the hilt without a guard and a bird's
beak shaped pommel.
The rubber hilt is available in three metallic colours as standard, inside there is a steel tube and lead for better balance.
There are three blade types to choose from, either the Saber blade made from our FakeSteel foam (max length 70cm) or the Yelman and Katana blades made from Soft foam (max length 80cm). All blades have a 15x6 mm fiberglass rectangular core and Kevlar reinforcement in the tip.
The Shashka measures 97 cm in total and weighs 520 g. The balance point is 13 cm in front of the guard (dimensions with the Katana blade).
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.
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