New training series of FakeSteel swords

We have decided to add cheaper training swords to our range!

We have a lot of blades in stock from our FakeSteel foam production that have some imperfections and we can't use them for our standard products. However other than some visual flaws like bumpy surface or bubbles, they are 100% functional and safe.

Therefore we decided to make a new series of hilts to go with these blades, which are cast from black FakeSteel rubber that you know from our regular offer. Those hilts don't feature leather wraps or wooden grips, but still provide a very comfortable handle.

Inside the sword is everything you love about our swords. Steel in the handle and lead in the pommel for good balance, rectangular or round fiberglass core and Kevlar in the blade tip for maximum durability.

For training swords, we only offer the durable FakeSteel foam blades from our own production in two degrees of hardness - LARP (softer FakeSteel foam, suitable for fighting without protection) and HEMA (harder FakeSteel foam, suitable for fighting with protective clothing or armor).

Weapons from this Training line are over 30% cheaper than similar swords in our standard line.

We believe this series will appeal to those who like to train fencing but want to keep their flashy pieces for events only. But it's also great for those who just want to fence or train HEMA with our weapons and need a functional, simple and durable sword.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

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