FakeSteel T-shirts for Ukraine

We got ourselves some t-shirts with our logo embroidered in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.🇺🇦

Several of our friends expressed interest in having them too, so the idea of offering them for sale and donating the proceeds to the war-torn Ukraine was born.

The T-shirts are offered with zero profit for us, the price only covers the production costs plus 200 CZK. At the end of the year, we will donate the 200 CZK from each sold T-shirt to the SOS Ukraine project of the Czech non-profit organization People in Need.

These high quality T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton with the fabric weight of 220 g/m². The t-shirts and logo are purchased and embroidered in the Iris Boutique studio in Prague, Czech Republic.💙💛
Thank you for helping with us!
Glory to Ukraine!

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