“We want to give back for what we take."

“We want to give back for what we take."


I’m Bartholomew the Donkey and my role in FakeSteel is making sure we aren’t forgetting company responsibilities, especially environmental ones.

Soon, there will be a whole new range of leather products that we’ve been working on diligently for the past few months. We have made a decision to donate 2 euros for every one of our products sold to a chosen project, which focuses on protection of endangered species, preserving natural environments, or other animals in need of help.

Chosen products, made primarily with genuine leather, will be marked with the picture of Bartholomew the Donkey on our webstore. By buying these products, you help us help animals in need.

We will be informing you how much money we collected, but we still need to choose which project to donate to. If you know of a good project that deserves our support, let us know!


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