About us

Who are we, and how did we start making LARP weapons?

FakeSteel Armory was founded by two long-time friends - Jakub and Adam. We started playing airsoft together more than 15 years ago, which has lasted to this day, but in early 2017, we have also fallen head over heels into LARP battles, but we were annoyed that, unlike with airsoft, LARP weapons in the Czech Republic often do not look very believable. We ordered some nicely designed weapons from major foreign manufacturers to test out, but we quickly sobered up once we confronted them with the Czech battlelarps. The foam handguards were too soft, the weapons too light and poorly balanced. The blade was also too flexible for our purposes. In comparison with the weapons used in our country, their only advantage was in appearance. Therefore we decided to try to make an alternative to both and combine the beauty of Western weapons with the durability and performance of Czech style blades.

Later on in 2022 we were joined by Radek, who handles the production of our LARP blasters, which imitate historical and fantasy firearms.

Our polearms