New Great blade (100cm)

We are expanding our line of softer foam blades with a new double-edged Great blade!

The Great blade is available in maximum lenght of 100 cm. It is designed for our hand and a half sword hilts of the Bastard and Longsword type. Swords with this blade can be worn in leather Frogs and Sword belts.

The cutting edge of the new blade is 5mm wide.

This blade is made of the same lightweight foam as our Broad, Hanger and Yelman blades. We would like to expand the accessibility of our LARP blades to a wider spectrum of scenes.

It is offered in two metallic colours - silver and graphite. It is manufactured with a rectangular 16x8mm fibreglass core only. This blade, like our other blades, has a Kevlar tip reinforcement.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

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