How to correctly mount a polearm head

We have prepared a simple video tutorial on how to shape a wooden haft to mount one of our polearm heads.

There are other ways to carve the haft, but this is how we prepare them currently, since it is a relatively quick and efficient process.

However you get or make your wood or laminate core we remind you of the three most important principles, to avoid damage to the foam and accidents

It is essential that the socket in the polearm head is correctly fitted to the 30mm long plug at the tip of the wood/fibreglass core. Its diameter must be between 15-16mm.

The tip of this plug must be diligently rounded and smoothened, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the head by puncturing the foam from the inside.

The head must be always glued to the wood or fibreglass with a large amount of good quality all-purpose glue.

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