New Japanese swords and scabbards

We proudly present our long-planned project of Japanese swords with curved blades!

In our offer you can now find the Katana and Wakizashi swords! Furthermore we offer lacquered scabbards for both swords made from durable plastic!

Both the Katana and Wakizashi are designed in the daishō style. It is a matching set of identically decorated long sword (daitō) and short sword (shōtō).

The katana and wakizashi set was considered the fundamental equipment of a samurai and was a symbol of his social status. Both swords have a wide range of customization options. We believe you will appreciate the many possibilities of color combinations, sizes and styles. You can choose the colour and length (max. 80 cm) of the new Katana blade (ha), the colour of the guard (tsuba) and pommel (kashira), the colour of the stingray skin (same), the type and colour of the wrapping (tsuka-ito) and also the type of decorative ornaments (menuki).

For the Scabbards you can choose the colour of the lacquer and they are available for all lengths of the new blade. We hope you will love our new products and join us on an adventurous journey to the land of the rising sun!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

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